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meaning christian
the x comes from latin and is the latin letter for christ, i.e. x-tian means christ-tian or christian

also xmas meaning christ-mas
xtian: define #2
An abbreviation of Christian. Purported to have any number of derivations, such as from Latin, or because the letter resembles a cross, but the actual origin is from the greek letter beginning his name, chi, which is written similar to x.
Many conservative xtians, especially in the Catholic church, are against abortion, while some liberal xtians feel that the quality of life is more important than its sanctity.
xtian: define #3
Abbreviation of Christian.

Often used by people who participate in online debates and can’t be bothered to keep writing “Christian”

“Some say Xtian rock is an oxymoron, what do you think?”
xtian: define #4
people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, but have a pattern of behavior that is contradictory to the teachings of Christ.

a christian in name only.

a religious person who lacks empathy.

a religious person who is not to be trusted.

Unlike the rest of her gossiping xtian coworkers, Sarah didn’t think that yelling racist insults at a Trump rally was what Jesus would do.
xtian: define #5
abbreviated form of Christian, often used as a derogatory term by Satanists, militant Atheists, etc. It is derived from the use of X as an abbreviation for Christ, as in Xmas. Strictly speaking, this rule dictates it be spelled “xian,” but it is spelled “xtian” to avoid confusion with the city of Xian,China.
Satanist(online): “Modern society has such a disregard for the living world. I blame the xtian scum!”
xtian: define #6
Term used by irrational atheists/wiccans/pantheists to refer to Christians. It comes from the Greek name for Christ, Xristos. Normally used by the most aggressive and militant of anti-Christians.
Dumbass: “Y0u XtiAns are all braInWAShed! i aM SMArt !11 herp derp!”
xtian: define #7
A word that atheists use because for some reason they think it’s supposed to insult Christians.
You stupid xtians need to realize that the Church of Virus is the only true church.