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This is an abbreviation for the word Christian. It comes from the Greek name for Christ, Xristos, and is essentially

the same notation as we commonly see with Xmas.
Another variation on this is Xtian, although the addition of the extra t is not entirely proper.
Used as a cool alternative to Christian, which is a whole lot of letters, albeit a really wicked name.

Xian is such a rad dude, mad props.
Xian: define #2
An abrieviation for the noun, Christian. X is a symbol for Christ.
He accepted Jesus into his life and is now a Xian.
Xian: define #3
The people who celebrate Xmas.
Why do you call my people Xians instead of Christians?

It’s just easier to type, man

Xian: define #4
Term used by irrational atheists/wiccans/pantheists to refer to Christians. It comes from the Greek name for Christ, Xristos. Normally used by the most aggressive and militant of anti-Christians.
Dumbass: “Y0u XiAns are all braInWAShed! i aM SMArt !11 herp derp!”
Xian: define #5
A word that atheists use because, for some reason, they think it’s supposed to insult Christians.
You stupid xians need to realize that the Church of Virus is the only true church.
Xian: define #6
usually used as an insult by athetist or panthetist for christians. though seriously who is insulted
i am cool xian are dumb…oh wait i am a moron
Xian: define #7
Pink. To be pink. To show ones pink bits. To exude olive oil. To be Fully sik mate!(greek) Menopausal Alcoholic mother.
“Im trouble now, Yeah trouble yeah. Im trouble Ya’ll. I got trouble in ma town”