Xi XI nation

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Xi XI nation
The mecca of the fraternal world, located in an otherwise insignificant Columbia Mo. Producer of a rare breed of

man characterized by by a fine mind, road map vascularity, and rugged good looks (Look no further than alumnus William Bradley Pitt). The diverse collection of men share one commonality… greatness. The condition of the hous is simply immaculate, directly reflecting the work done by the house manager in his reign over the property. Women inately flock to the location like moths to light.

On the eigth day God said, “Let there be Xi Xi nation.”

Pledge: How can I possibly grasp the impact Xi Xi nation has had on the Greek World.

Active: Mesopatamia- birthplace of man, found between the tigris and Euprhates river. Xi Xi nation- found between college avenue and university.

Pledge: I understand now!