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Most of the other definitions were written by 14 year old kids who liked 300 a bit too much. In

reality, Xerxes was an Emperor of the Persian Empire before Alexander the Great conquered it. He didn’t look a thing like he did in the movie, btw. And he wasn’t gay.

Stupid 14 year old kid who saw 300: omg lol persian ppl suk becuz of 300! xerxes was so ghey! even though 300 was historically very inaccurate and in reality it was the Spartans who were pedophiles…
xerxes: define #2
Ancient Persian King that reigned over the Persian empire between 485 BC to 465 BC. For some reason was portrayed as 7 foot tall black metrosexual in the popular movie ‘300.’
That crap movie 300 did not depict Xerxes accurately.
xerxes: define #3
Xerxes (Khashayar) was born around 520 BCE in the southern province of Persis (Fars). He was a powerful king who ruled Achaemenid Persian Empire from 486-465 BCE. Xerxes was Darius The Great’s eldest son by Queen Atosa (daughter of Cyrus The Great). He had been designated official heir perhaps as early as 498 BCE, and while crown prince he had ruled as the King’s governor in Babylon.
The 300 movie on Xerxes is not realistic in no sense.
xerxes: define #4
Ok so in reality King Xerxes was a powerful Persian Emperor who ruled over the Persian empire from 485 to 465 BC. He was the son of Darius the Great and a descendent of Cyrus the Great. He was not at all gay like depicted in the movie “300”, that movie was so inaccurate. King Xerxes married Esther a Jewish young woman who saved many Jewish people during the persecution of Jews in Persian Empire. She pleaded with her husband to spare the lives of her people, the Jews and he did, giving them the right to defend themselves in his kingdom. The story of Queen Esther and King Xerxes can be read in the Bible or seen in the ACCURATE movie “One Night with the King.”
King Xerxes is powerful enough to rule an empire with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back.
xerxes: define #5
1.) Sex rex spelt backwards.

2.) The “god-king” of the Persian Army in the movie 300. There is a historical Xerxes, but no one cares about him.

I can’t watch a scene of 300 with Xerxes in it anymore without smiling.
xerxes: define #6
The act of sneaking up on a man while at the urinal, gingerly placing one’s hands on that man’s shoulders like Xerxes did to Leonidas in the movie 300, and gently whispering “Xerxes,” “Leonidas,” or commenting on the man’s equipment, i.e. “nice penis.”
Last night at the bar, Dieter sneaked up on Geoffry while Geoffry was in the can and gave him the xerxes. A startled Geoffry thought it was another meat gazer and splattered all over himself.
xerxes: define #7
When you are banging a girl,, as you are getting close to blowing- her giant aggressive dog runs into the room and pukes on her face.
I was jabbing my dick into Missy and magically was able to get her face Xerxesed.