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An assassin cross on the game called Ragnarok Online. Leader of the guild Valhalla. She is

known for often throwing false accusations, back stabbing people, and whining a lot when she doesn’t get her way. Somehow she made it into alliance with Denuo Convena, even though they made fun of her. She used to date a GM resulting in him bestowing items upon her.
The obsession with Angel Eyes started a bit ago. A few years back she was in alliance with Konoha Nins, Angel Eyes, and Entranced. But after their econ had been broken, Konoha Nins was the one to take back the emperium. Xellie did not like how it wasn’t her emblem on the flag, so she PMed other guilds asking them to rush their econ and break the emp.
She is often called a horse, mostly by people she has been rude to. If she was nice to people, she wouldn’t be made fun of so much. She broke up with her GM boyfriend after she had gotten a bunch of ONLINE GAME items out of him. Watch out for her obsession with saying “you have hax”

Xellie: break the emp, break it! break it in 20 seconds!

Xellie: Angel Eyes hax! Angel Eyes hax! Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes! GM HELP!

Random Person: I never knew why people hated her till she started accusing me of hacks with no proof or anything.

Parson: Oh wow, looks like she “won” another ragnarok contest.

xellie: define #2
A rare breed of equine native to the British Isles, but usually used as slang for horses in general
That xellie trots rather well.

What a lovely xellie that is!

xellie: define #3
A famous International Ragnarok Online player with a reputation for the unusual yet highly successful assassin build, a collection of feminine-looking assassins and the fact that despiye having a male sprite, she is female.
Xellie broke the Emp again!
xellie: define #4
A famous international ragnarok online player’s Assassin Cross with 99 agi. Despite the unusual build, it survives through enormous amounts of firepower, greatly offending opposing players, who like to claim that she is weak, only to be made look stupid.

She leads the guild Valhalla who are self proclaimed freedom fighters and seekers of justice in the world of RO. They are also the most legitimate anti-cheating RO guild, much to the annoyance of the iRO GMs.

Xellie’s exposure of cheaters and foul play within iRO has led to many people attempting to slander her, taking things to an almost obsessive level, even beyond the game and into real life.

Her captivating personality and wicked sense of humor is often so hard for people to ignore, that they cling to any hope they have of aquiring the girl’s attention. After all as they say, bad attention is better than no attention.

After recently ‘reaquainting’ herself with the iRO GM team, she managed to ‘make’ a god item for her guild.

She is also responsible for almost every bad thing that happens in the RO world and possibly the real one.

“Xellie’s speed potting through our precast again… Quickly, I NEED SIX CHAMPIONS ON THE EMP”

“Xellie found out that I cheat and exposed the proof. That makes her a liar and ugly in real life”

“Xellie got me banned. Again. I hate her.”

“Xellie Xellie xellie xellie.”

“If I find out you’re behind this shit, Xellie, there will be a hell to pay!”