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xbox controller
When someones pinner is so small, they can mount their 360 controller, where the hole for the head seat is

plugged in.

Wow, his mic must not work, there must be a backup of cum in there! this guy must have fucked his “xbox controller”!
xbox controller: define #2
x-box controller
Basically an obese PS2 controller with buttons that stick.The worst controller ever, it breaks so easily.
My brother broke his x-box controller this is like his 17th one, He could have bought a PS2 with that money!!!!!!
xbox controller: define #3
Xbox controller
What was once very big and annoying, but has now evolved into the most comfortable remote known. There were three different types of official Xbox controllers.
*Sigh*” “Whats with the *Sigh* noise?” “Xbox controller.” “Oh.”