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Xbox 360 Fanboy
The unyielding belief that the Xbox 360 is the best console, and no other can touch it. This of course,

is only based upon the monopoly of exclusive games that the console has due to Microsoft’s ass-loads of cash that they throw to developers, so that consumers are only left with one choice of console. The ‘fanboys’ completely disregard system performance, graphics, and other notable features that the other consoles have, and simply focus on the fact that “Halo is the best”. They typically claim that the Xbox 360 is better because it has Xbox Live, and forget the fact that Microsoft charges for simple things like pictures and changing your name.

Scenario 1: Ps3 Owner “Hey dude, I just got a ps3 today and I’m watching my movies and playing my games on Blu-Ray HD!”

Xbox 360 Fanboy “Dude why would you waste your money on that when you could be playing Halo?!?!?!?!!!”

Scenario 2: Ps3 Owner “Hey, I just went online and downloaded a new theme for my Ps3 for free, then I decided I wanted to change my name to BawlsOut69!”

Xbox 360 Fanboy “Yeah well, I just did to! For 560 Microsoft points of course!” (About 6$)

Xbox 360 Fanboy: define #2
Xbox 360 Fanboy
The Christians of the gaming industry. i.e, they ignore the facts.
Xbox 360 Fanboy: OMG HALO!!!111!!!!1!! PS3 SUX!!!!!!!1!!!

Playstation owner: You guys may have Halo, but we have MGS4, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5…

Xbox owner: THEY ALL SUCK!!!!1!!

Playstation owner: …Have you even played them…?

Xbox owner: Um… no…

Playstation owner: Also, PS3’s processor is much more powerful than the Xbox’s, and the Blu-rays hold eight times the amount of data the Xbox’s DVDs hold… and-

Xbox: -covers ear with hands- NONONO! SHUT UPP! HALO!!!! XBOX RULES!!!!1!!!!!11!!!