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Xbox 2
Xbox 2 now dubbed as the xbox 360 apparently because they think consumers are stupid enough to souly buy a

PS3 over a Xbox 2 because 3 is greater then 2. IT wil be the first next gen. game system lauched and will have the worst graphics of the 3. This is simply because it the first one out the door, the same reason xbox 1 is more powerful then ps2 it came out more then a year later. as of right now it willnot be backwards compatable with xbox 1 games due to the fact that it will use a moddified G5 chip rather then a pentium (x86) chip like in the Xbox 1. It also unlike the other next gen systems will not support either of the next gen. DVD’s that are coming out (HD-DVD, and Blu-ray discs). Also unlike the xbox 1 it will not have a hard drive as of now . A hard drive might be an accesory though. Microsoft is very keen on capturing the biggest market share witht he next – gen partly because it is microsoft and partly because they lost a lot of mony on the Xbox 1 due to its poor sales in japan and because they are so heavily subsidized.

“Sam: So what are they calling the next Xbox again bob? Bob: they are calling it the Xbox 360. Sam: Wow, that got to be the shittiest name for a game system everthought up.”
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Xbox 2
The Next Gen Xbox console system. As of April 2004 expected to have a varient of the G5 processor, gigabit ethernet, a larger harddrive, ATi graphics, even though they should stick with nVIDIA, and the possiability of a TiVo function.
Xbox ruled Xbox 2 will be even better!
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Xbox 2
The sequel to the original Xbox

Also known as Sony’s worst nightmare

Wether you like it or not, Xbox is the most powerful home console to date, and Xbox 2 will be even stonger
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Xbox 2
I don’t know shit about the next Xbox console but I will still own both Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen console on account of:

Sony: Smackdown Series, the vast range of games.

Microsoft: The reliabilty of not freezing any of my games to this date.

Will Microsoft be the next-gen giant and break the mould Sony has made? Only time will tell.