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Wwo means what we on.

Wwo though
Wwo: define #2
Acrynomyn for “What we on”. Usually means what are we doing today or whats going on. Usually used when someone is trying to make last minute plans.
Friend: im so bored bro wwo??

You: I got this one party i’m going too, you should come with
Wwo: define #3
WWO is an acronym for Wings Wide Open.

This statement is a metaphor for saving ones self from a bad situation. It is derived from a bird in free-fall. If the bird spreads its wings, it can simply soar and stop it’s impending pain/demise. Likewise, when a bird wants to fly away quickly, it spreads its wings wide open and with a few powerful thrusts flies away. Consequently, this statement is often used to remind one of their inner strength.

Sam found Andi crying after a break-up.

“Wings wide open, dear, wings wide open!” Sam encouraged.

“Yes, WWO. I’m the one that’s gotta make this situation better for myself” Andi smiled back.