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White working class

The Republican vote represented malcontented WWC.
wwc: define #2
an abreviation for

-worldwide choppers or a worldwide chopper

a group of elite speed rappers united in tech n9ne’s song “worldwide choppers”.

if you are on this track, you are a worldwide chopper

if you are on midwest choppers, you are a worldwide choppers.

example one-

guy1: “wanna try to rap wwc with me?”

guy2: “whats that?”

guy1: “worldwide choppers, its a fast rap by techa ninna and some other guys.”

guy2: “ohhhh i see”

example two-

twista is a worldwide chopper

wwc: define #3
New trend I created meaning wide white cock. Just like BBC is big black cock WWC is used to state big white cock.
Yo that boy has a WWC
wwc: define #4
Water, Weed, and Cigarettes
I loss all of my weight on a WWC diet.