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The war triggered by President Trump as he doesn’t give a heck that Chinese Communists and Muslim terrorists are foreign

to the rule of law and to the concept of peace on earth.

It would be a miracle if WW3 didn’t begin, while President Trump is in office.

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WW3: define #2
The next world war that Donald Trump or Hiliary Clinton could have or will cause.
I hope WW3 doesnt begin
WW3: define #3
The war on terror.

The future Nucleur war, when we will all be screwed.

The possible wars will be:

Russia vs. America

North Korea vs. America and Allies

America vs. Austrailla

America vs. World

America vs. United Kingdom and Allies

China vs. ?

America vs. America

Aliens vs. America

Oh shit man those muther fuckin aliens are here!

Dont flip, some black dude’ll save us with a virus on a pc

what the fuck man !?



ww3 is here
WW3: define #4
The result of Donald Trump’s presidential election.
(Teacher to Class) What was Donald Trump best known for during his presidency?

(Class) WW3