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A disease deriving from persons of West Virginia descent. The symptons include slurred speech, having intercourse with ones own family

members, and the inability to function without liquor in their body. Major signs of progression of the disease include annoying everyone with tales of childhood in poverty and inability to function normally in society. If the diseased person or persons starts to hump everything in sight, the only medical recourse is to shoot them in the fuckin head and move on with your life, the disease has progressed too far.

Hey, did you hear about Scott? He had a major episode of WVD last night and impregnated his mom, now he is going to be his sons father, brother AND grandfather. He’s celebrating by drinking himself into oblivion.
wvd: define #2
pronunciation (wi’vid)


1. a person who has so much sex that likely and/or to common belief of people is carrying one or more VDs

2. a person who has a VD, possibly more, named after him or her

3. a person that has massive amounts of sex without thinking or knowing with who

4. a slut, whore, trollop etc.

5. celebrity that is widely known as a slut

note- for derogatory use only, not to actually describe people you know to have a VD, if the celebrity has one that is up to your own preference
1. So and so is a WVD. (general person you know)

2. I don’t want to be a WVD like so and so.

3. Look it is little Miss. WVD.

4. (Celebrities name) is such a WVD, and the last thing we need is another Tila Tequila or Paris Hilton.