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Prepubesent redneck contraction for “what if”. Can also be a contraction for “what”.
Wuppin’ I don’t git you a pench of skoal.
wuppin’: define #2
Wup.In –


In example :

a. A loud cry of exultation or excitement while getting ones ass wupped.

b. A shout uttered by the party receiving the wuppin.

c. A hooting cry, whilst being wupped.

d. The paroxysmal gasp characteristic of getting ones ass wupped.

1. To utter a loud shout or cry or bawl during the ass wuppin session. See Synonyms at shout.

2. To wail vocally, expressing grief and cry when your getting your ass wuppin. See Wupping, Wupped.

3. To make the paroxysmal gasp characteristic of an ass whooping situation.

4. A thrashing administered especially as punishment towards the recipient of the ass wuppin. Partaking in trouncing,drubbing, good old fashion country ass wuppin.

” Billy Bob got a good old fashion ass wuppin. “

” I’ll tell you what ! yer gonna get yer ass wupped Junior.

” You better behave or yer pa is gonna give you a wuppin.