Best definition
The true hero and mascot of Discord. Sometimes trips over cables and causes parts of Discord to go offline.

“Wumpus tripped during his morning cereal run,” @discordapp tweeted.
Wumpus: define #2
A fictional creature who hides in a digital grid, and gives you only a few chances to find him.
Im hunting the wumpus
Wumpus: define #3
1. A chracter who hides in a grid from the game “Hunt the Wumpus”

2. A mascot for Discord

3. Part of the Discord hypesquad lore, a mythical creature wich was awaken to destroy The Great Evil Spirit

(source: the “Discord” youtube channel)

1. I found the Wumpus!

2. A: Woah the mascot for discord looks sick! B: Ikr, did you know it’s called a Wumpus?

Wumpus: define #4
a thing which you hunt in a dark cave full of bats and bottomless pits, armed only with a couple arrows.
I loved playin’ that old 1972 video game “Hunt The Wumpus”
Wumpus: define #5
The back part of the head where a bump is found.
Jareds wumpus is huge.
Wumpus: define #6
A large expanding butthole. One may have a wumpus after taking it up the butt or taking a catastrophic dump.
After I pulled my dick out of Jane’s butthole, she had an enormous wumpus.
Wumpus: define #7
a term of affection for one so loved and adored that all the shorty want to get with him. unrelated to bats.
“I love that G-wumpus. He gots the bling”