Wumple Gimlet

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Wumple Gimlet
The situation that one Jonah Richard Giltz gets himself into after masturbating to completion while thinking about Tori’s Biloba. Immediately

after slinging the monochromatic mustard shot, he then becomes the Lucky Pierre for three different groups of men, ingesting semen until his stomach expands with undulating desire and his anus puckers. The resulting space within his asshole then becomes the Wumple Gimlet, ready to receive the final loads, holding them until they ferment into an almost sludge-like, yet still malleable putty. Removing the contents of the Wumple Gimlet, and placing it in Jonah’s mouth is called The Roswell Pettybone Flower.

“Hey James, why isn’t Jonah home from work yet? It’s already 1am!”

“Dont you remember? He’s getting paid to do a Wumple Gimlet for those twinks in the East Village”

“Oh, right, how could I forget!?”

“Tonight is the 2-for-1, Man Skin Boot and the Wumple Gimlet for $29.03”

“What a bargain! Let’s kiss!”

“Okay! I enjoy your private parts, Dane”

“You’re so sweet, would you like to have a Dead Baby Popsicle with me? It’s from the batch of ‘09; perfectly preserved.”

“Hell yes! The parents are STILL looking for that mongoloid!”