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One who specifies in wumbology, or the study of wumbo. Wumbo was first coined by Patrick Star of Bikini Bottom

in 2002, and has become a rising sensation between him and his followers. Originally, wumbo was supposed to mean “the opposite of mini.” However, recent studies of this word have shown that it can become more than that. Is it a state of mind? A cult of some sort? Possibly a sexual position? No. It is simply, wumbo. Don’t question it, just love it.Wumbologists are often found studying in many ivy-league schools, such as Harvard, Brown, and MIT.There has been an increasing number of wumbologists ever since the post-wumbo revival of 2009. Many scholars have speculated that this revival is due to the recent amount of hipsters using this term to appear “ironically-retro”

Evan got his doctorate in wumbology at Harvard and became a wumbologist with his degree.
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The Study of Wumbo
Wumbologist: I wumbo, you wumbo, he she we wumbo.