Best definition
The exact opposite of a mullet. Long hair in the front and short in the back. One might use the

typical ” Party in the front, and business in the back” Good for people who like to party and the wulletee’s job entails their clientele to be more focused on the back of their head.

Wullet….enough said.
Wullet: define #2
A womans mullet. Similar to that of a regular mullet, but more feminine. Sometimes styled and typically longer than just to the shoulders. Often seen as layered, and tapering as it goes down.
That lady has a wullet.
Wullet: define #3
1. when u go on a date to a cheap place and can pay for everything with one dollar bills (someone with a little wallet)

2. someone who is triflin
I can’t believe that lil wullet just said that?

Can you belive that lil wullet took me to McDonalds for our date?!