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Workington in West Cumbria, Great Britain and everyone coming from the town.Also written as Worky, Wucki, Wucky, Werky and Wuky.

Ont Clofix in Wuki (On the Cloffolks in Workington)

Me mam’s side ar Wuki (My mother’s family are from Workington)
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Person or people from ‘Wukitn’ (Workington), West Cumbria, England, who were born, bred or have roots in the town.

Emphasis is always on the first three letters ‘Wuk’, with the ‘i’ (pronounced as in ink) being very short and almost silent. Evolved over a thousand years, from Weorcingas (Weorc’s people), the Anglo-Saxon tribe who established Weorcinga-ton (Working-ton or Wuki-tn).

Wuki oWukitn gabak areet lang way like.

Itz f**kn great to be a Wuki!

Us Wuki, noor Wescummerlan marras, laik Uppies n Doonies wid a laal bo awe owat Cloffocks.

Ars gaan yam tWukitn.
Wuki: define #3
The younger version of a wookie
The little wukis play in the fields
Wuki: define #4
1. The town of Workington, Cumbria, England. AKA Wukitn.

2. The people of Wukitn, past, present and future.

3. Any individual born, bred or with roots in Wukitn.
1. Aaz garn yam tWuki (I am going home to Workington)

2. Wuki laik Upiz n Downiz (Wuki play Uppies or Downies)

3. Yra Wuki (You were born, bred or have roots in Wukitn)