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Wuffle is another word for love through some perspectives.

I wuffle you, Matt.
wuffle: define #2
1.) The verb form of “affection;” the act of being affectionate. To demonstrate physical affection, especially in ways that do not have specific other names. Ie to nuzzle, cuddle and pet. Explicitly innocent and nonsexual – one “wuffles” a lover the same way one wuffles a child or pet. May imply an emulation of the way an animal demonstrates affection, ie, how a cat will rub its face up against someone.

2.) A dimunitve form of nonromantic, nonsexual love in the sense of affection or fondness. Used to express the desire to give affection towards someone being cute or endearing.

1.) He caught her up in his arms and wuffled her ferociously. The cat jumped into their laps and joined the wuffling party.

2.) I wuffle you lots.

wuffle: define #3
A casual way to say ‘love’ between friends, not meaning anything sexual. However it is somewhat serious.

The origin is blurry, it is a mix between love, luv and waffle.
Pow: Ok I have to go now, bye!

Leev: I wuffle you!

Pow: I wuffle you too. Bye
wuffle: define #4
1) a sound that kitties and bunnies make

2) may also be in several variations as a salutation or form of greeting. to be used in conjunction with any of the following: mao, moo, booga.

3) a general term of endearment

*cat spies bunny* mooo … mao … WUFFLES!


hello my wuffleness 🙂

wuffle: define #5
A combination of luv and waffles.
1.) I made you some wuffles, but I eated them =

2.) I wuffle you so much!

3.) I like you, so I’m going to whip you up some wuffle batter.

wuffle: define #6
An affectionate cross between a hug and a tickle, used between partners.
He wuffled her warmly, as he knew she enjoyed the attention.
wuffle: define #7
A legged , lovable creature of indeterminate size. A distant cousin to a Tribble.
I saw a wuffle in the corner of my eye.