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1. Dinner in Mandarin Chinese.2. The awesome leader of the South Korean/Chinese band (2 Korean members/4 Chinese members) EXO-M which

is licensed under the entertainment company called SM Entertainment . Also goes by the stage name Kris, and the nickname BenBen. Known for his pairing with EXO-M bandmember, Tao (Taoris) and is constantly for seeing problems with keeping him happy by buying him unlimited Gucci items .

1. In English: I’m eating dinner (wufan) right now .

In Mandarin: 现在我吃午饭。

2. Tao: “Wufan ge, what did you get me for my birthday ?”

Wufan (Kris): “Uh I got you this cool t-shirt that I saw.”

Tao: “Is it Gucci ?”

Wufan (Kris): “ I-”

Tao: “You’re dead to me.”