Wu-Tang Wakeup

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Wu-Tang Wakeup
The Wu-Tang wake-up is a simple process that involves waking up your sleeping roommates and friends to everyone’s favorite East

Coast rap collective- The Wu-Tang Clan.Follow these steps for a successful Wu-Tang wake-up:1.) Go to wherever your friends are sleeping; the earlier in the morning, the better.2.) Make sure to have your camera with you- you’ll want to take pictures of this.3.) Get your stereo turned up as loud as possible4.) Go to the second track of “Enter the 36 Chambers”, which is “Shame on a Nigga”. Hit pause on that shit.5.) Make sure the camera is ready, then hit play.6.) Dance around, sing the lyrics and take pictures while your friends are abruptly being awoke.7.) Most importantly- DO NOT turn the music off. In fact, just walk away completely after you get your pictures, so they have to physically get up and turn off the stereo.The Wu-Tang wake-up works especially well when your friends or roommates have been up drinking the night before and you’re getting up early for work. It will not only start your day off great, but it will start theirs off really bad. But they deserve it, because they were up drinking last night while you were trying to get some sleep.

I just hit up Willie & Joe with a sick Wu-Tang Wakeup this morning!

Dude, did you seriously pull a Wu-Tang Wakeup on me at 7:45 this morning after you knew how late we were up last night?