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What’s the move.1. Where you’re going/what your doing with your friends that day.

You: Wtm y’all

Friend: The mall

You: Alright be there 2:00 p.m

Wtm: define #2
Wtm means what’s the move when in a group chat someone can say wtm asking the group what is happening later as in events,parties and anything social.
DB- wtm

Manny- we going to party bring the henny.
Wtm: define #3
FULL FORM : What The Mnuck

Mnuck is an hinglish word that is generally considered profane which, in its most literal meaning, refers to the act of sexual intercourse. However, by extension it may be used to negatively characterize anything that can be dismissed, disdained, defiled, or destroyed

It is used to express surprise and shock GENERALLY !!!

wtm !!! i forgot my homework-book at home

wtm !!! i lost my assignment paper

wtm !!! u won so cool

wtm !!! i cant believe u took trouble to make a surprise party !

Wtm: define #4
An acronym meaning “Was that meant sexually?” Originated by S.H.
Michael: There’s a huge party tonight

Lauren: I wish I could come!

Michael: WTMS?!
Wtm: define #5
It stands for, “Whatever That Means.” Use it when a texting/messaging conversation gets confuseing, It will let person know that u don’t fully understand the context in which they are speaking but you are fine with the lack of clarity and are more interested in moving the conversation along.
sara: my boss did the stupidest thing today in our conference call.

sara: spottieottiedopalicious

john: lol…wtm. what did he do?

Wtm: define #6
What the mofo.

Originated when people got tired of saying what the fuck when surpirsed, so changed it to what the mofo.

*Person 1 scares person 2*

Person 1: BOO!

Person 2: WTM!

Wtm: define #7
Abbreviation for “What the muffin”. (c) 2005, The Numbnuts

If you steal it I will sue you D<

WTM is wrong with your face!?