Best definition
stands for ‘where the fuck are you?’

person 1 (sends person 2 a text): ‘wtfru??’

person 2(replies): sry i’m running rlly l8!!
wtfru: define #2
wtfru: what the fuck are you?

Typically used to vociferate frustration toward another person when they are being irrational, unreasonable, difficult, or retarded.

Best applied when questioning the quality or necessity of someone’s existence.

He was swinging that stupid chain around like a maniac and almost hit me in face! I was like, “wtfru?!”
wtfru: define #3
WTFRUS is an abreviation of “What The Fuck, R U Stupid?”.

Usually used in the form of a question.

(pronounced “wut-tuh-fruss”)

Bill – “I’m off to buy an Xbox 360”

Joe – “WTFRUS? PS3 is way better!”

Bill – “STFU hoe”