Best definition
(n) Acronym for “watersports” or sexual contact involving pee or urine

Whoa that kinky bitch is into scat, ws, you name it!
WS: define #2
or “would smash” is the expression of one’s desire to have sexual intercourse with a person(s) and or object. Often abbreviated “ws” to mask one’s debauch intent in public.
Guy 1: hey, check out the hottie with the halter pounding away lemon drop after lemon drop at the bar.

Guy 2: yeah, she can’t even keep her eye’s open, let alone stand up straight.

Guy 1: ws?

Guy 2: definitely
WS: define #3
Used as a short way of saying WTF which stand for the ‘w’ words + the fuck: who, when, why and where. Used mostly when something is a big WTF since it has a broader spectrum of definition.

W’s also applies to other variations of WTF like WTBF, WTCF, etc.

Guy #1: Dude! W’s with this stupid crowd

Guy #2: I know man, they suck balls!
WS: define #4
“Work-Safe” – Not containing Nudity or Material that would be subject to violating a work environment code of conduct.
Is the picture you sent me WS?
WS: define #5
what happens when you try to type “wtf” on your Blackberry when you have taken your Ambien for the night.
She did what? ws?
WS: define #6
WS: acronym for “well, shit.”
“really, WS.”
WS: define #7
An acronym for the World Series.
Ben: I’m gonna go watch the ws

Nathan: ?

Ben: World Series… idiot

Nathan: Wow you’re a faggot