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An extreme wreck, as in train wreck, usually drunk as well.A drunk wreck.A person who can’t handle anything, and continually

drops the ball, a complete waste of life.

Mike: Carla is such a Train Wreck.

Dominick: No, she’s a Wrunk.

Mike: Oh yeah, Carla’s a huge Wrunk!

Wrunk: define #2
incorrect and inebriated, usually unwilling to concede defeat despite overwhelming evidence of a statement’s falsehood, likely to prompt unproductive argument
“We’ve shown you three maps that say Kazakhstan is a real place. Please stop yelling, you’re just wrunk.”
Wrunk: define #3
The act of getting drunk at a professional wrestling or UFC event.
Question: “Did you see Ric at the XICW event on Sunday?”

Answer: “Yeah man, he was totally getting his wrunk on”
Wrunk: define #4
some weird ass word that backslash uses to think he is god most times its a lame attempt at being sane or on the save level as other people
(@backslashh) thats wrunk y0