Best definition
Wrongness: Post moronic behaviour, not in accord with established cultural, social or political norms. An antagonist to the mundane, offensive

to the absurd, abstract to the established etiquette but distinguished by its peculiar trait of making the erudite, sentient and wise defecate with laughter.

Wrongness: Your mum’s such a skanky ass bitch Battersea dogs home had to have her put down for fear of her lobsters infecting the rats.

Wrongness: Ronald Regan for president.

Wrongness: Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!

Wrongness: define #2
Anything blatantly not right…
That was just wrongness
Wrongness: define #3
The act of doing things that are so wrong, like totally politically incorrect jokes, mercilessly busting on unarmed friends and getting amusement from other people’s misfortunes.
I know it’s wrong, but I live for wrongness! And I’m not sorry! Who’s with me?? LMAO.
Wrongness: define #4
1. The act or state of something that is completely vile, unforgiveable or utterly wrong in any and every possible way.

2. Something that goes completely against all teachings, morals, or values of “todays society”.

1. Why such wrongness man?

2. Dude what wrongness is this?