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One of the biggest and most beautiful cities of Poland, located in its south-western part. It has a very long

history, lots of great architecure and beautiful parks. Apparently most of non-Polish people have never heard of it.

– So you’re from Poland, which part exactly?

– I’m from Wrocław.

– Brosuav? Where is it?

– *sigh*
Wrocław: define #2
The main city in the Lower Silesia county
Wroclaw is one of the main cities of Poland
Wrocław: define #3
To ‘Wroclaw’ or to have ‘the Wroclaw’ is a term for having an unbelievably damaged respiratory system caused by excess drinking and/or smoking.
“Aw hey man, are you okay? You sound like you’re quite ill?”

“Nah bro, I have the Wroclaw.”