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The act of destroying one’s life by playing the video game World Of Warcraft (W.O.W.) whether it be physically, socially,

or both. Wowicide can be an inflicted or self-inflicted act where playing the video game and slowly losing your firends is an act of wowicide, but also giving the video game to another person is an equally heinous offense. There is no known therapy for victims of wowicide, the final result inevitably being loss of friends, loss of respect, and loss of life.

-“Dude, what happened to Jeff I haven’t seen him in a month?”

-“Oh man, we didn’t want to tell you yet, but he committed WoWicide recently.”

-“That’s terrible… why would he do something like that?”

-“I don’t know but it’s okay… Jeff will always live on through our memories… as a queefy nerd.”