wow head

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wow headwork
when a girl sucks your swizzle stick while you play world of warcraft

“oww i hit my head on johnny’s desk last night when i was giving sum wow head”
wow head: define #2
1) Someone who is addicted to WoW.

2) The act of getting head while playing wow.

regular person: Hey, why weren’t you in school yesterday.

wowhead:I was playing wow.

regular person: Ok, are you goin’ to that party tonight?

wowhead: No, i gotta go raid a dungeon.

regular person: Fuck, you.

The wowhead ended up going to the party and got wowhead from some drunk chick.

wow head: define #3
1. The act of getting blown while playing World of Warcraft.
“Yo, is Bannen AFK?”

“No, I think he’s just getting wowhead”

wow head: define #4
A rabid fan of the wildly popular massive multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg) “World of Warcraft.” A World of Warcraft (WoW) addict.
Dude, Jim turned into a wowhead. What a dork.