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Noun. A stereotypical Asian who eats rice, drives slow, does stupid things like bringing food and eating at stores while

shopping, is less that 5 feet tall, dances in the middle of a mall, cooks stinky food no even if they live in an apartment, has oily hair, face looks like its ironed, speaks too loud in public, can’t go anywhere without an entourage of at least 5 more wounyas, like small things no matter how stupid like tamogotchi and hello kitty, spend they’re free time playing computer games and dance dance revolution, always smile really big and give a peace sign when taking photos. But most importantly they’re proud of their heritage.

-Look at Kim Lee, she’s been playing dance dance revolution for 3 hours what a Wounya.

-(Chris) Hey Kazu what did you bring for lunch?

(Kazu) Rice, Chicken, and Japanese candy

(Chris) Kazu you’re such a Wounya

-I thought I saw Jackie Chan downtown, then I realized it was just another Wounya