wound sex

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wound sex
a violent sexual position developed by the ancient satanic occult “Gelaisazore; former leader Father Josh St. Gelais.” Like the name “wound sex,” the user will find or created a wound; this is generally done with a knife. Once this is done they will then insert there penis into the bloody hole. They will then begin to indugle themselves in a sexual rage, inserting and removing there penis repeatedly. As this process continues the wound will gradually grow in size; often another member will join in to fill in the space. This act is considerably messy and the wound is guaranteed to pick up infection; following the “wound sex.”
Corey – shit i cut up my arm real bad

Rob – well… we might as well put it to good use then

Corey – ya i geuss i could go for some wound sex, call up the boys, this one’s gonna be a bleeder!