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A wormorial is a group of a dozen or more sexually frustrated, often sweaty guys. Most commonly found at the

University of Oregon, on the third floor of boynton hall, but have been known to be spotted on many different college campuses across the United States. They are easily identifiable by the one distinct article of clothing each member of the group chooses to wear, be it a bright neon orange hat or abnormally large glasses. Often traveling in groups, this unusual conglomerate of individuals are inexplicably drawn to wherever marijuana and jizz-jokes can be found.

“Hey Joe, who the hell were those guys at the party last night?”

‘That was just the wormorial. Don’t ask questions, just accept it.’

Wormorial: define #2
A word that mysteriously appears on the whiteboards many university of Oregon students keep on their res-hall doors. This is thought to be the work of other immature, unintelligent, female students living in the same hall.
Student A:”Why the F would someone erase my epic dunsparce drawing and write wormorial? Is that even a word?”

Student B: “No, it’s not a word. I heard it’s just some dumb inside joke with the girls over in A-wing”