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worm burnersports
when a golf ball is hit hard and is intended to go airborne but instead rolls or skips along the

ground at high speed.

I played golf with my uncle for the first time yesterday. He thought it was hilarious because I only hit worm burners and never got the ball off the ground.
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worm burnersports
Potentially applicable to any ball game played on a grassy field, but most appropriate to soccer and golf, it is when the ball is shot or struck that it travels with great velocity just above the grass, such that the friction would “burn” any unlucky worms that happened to be on the surface.
Landon Donovan’s low shot on goal was a real worm burner.
worm burner: define #3
a term in golf that is used to describe a ball running along the ground quite quickly, comes from the fact that it hits the worms so fast they set on fire
person1: ha ive just done a wormburner

person2: did the worms set on fire?!

person1: hell ye
worm burner: define #4
Worm Burnersports
Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Jonathan Crompton. When he is not throwing interceptions and overthrowing receivers he throws the ball forcefully into the dirt and burns the heads off of worms!
Man that quarterback sucks as bad as the Waynesville Worm Burner!
worm burner: define #5
worm burner
In golf when a tee shot tops the ball with great force and forward momentum. Highly entertaining, the ball streaks along the grass spinning furiously with a tearing sound. Not classified as a dink out because the shot usually travels quite a distance despite the miss hit. Upon seeing such a shot one would imagine worms diving out of the way to save their skins.
Wow, that worm burner really tore up the grass.
worm burner: define #6
When tooting/snorting a large line of an illegal substance up your nose and it makes the nostril burn.
Besides burning, that wormburner really made my nose run but damn if I ain’t high!
worm burner: define #7
worm burner
a really gay four square term that makes no sense, usually stated by the UVA kids, Four square is beginning to suck.
Whoa dude, did you just see that worm burner? it was so hardcore! like totally awesome dude