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working families
(Chiefly used in the plural form.) A high-maintenance demographic identified by politicians (such as Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) as

requiring especial economic and moral support of their chosen lifestyle, as well as requiring constant and frequently gratuitous mention in political rhetoric — in particular, during electioneering and in Budget speeches. In political demography, “working families” may be considered the human counterpart of the sacred cow.Antonyms to “working families” are difficult to specify as politicians refuse to confirm any type of eligible voter as definitely excluded by the term. However, examination of the context in which “working families” is used suggests that it essentially refers to households in which dependent children reside. Thus, antonyms would include (among others) “single people”, “couples without children”, and “empty-nesters”.

We must abolish WorkChoices (draconian industrial relations legislation) because it’s unfair to working families.
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working familiesname
Meaningless statement favoured by the moron that for some reason Australia voted Prime Minister.
“Working families, working families, working families, working families.” Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister)