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Working Class
The working class are people that have to work jobs that are either monotonous and demeaning or dangerouns and dirty.

Many of them work with little payment or high job insecurity in assembly lines and on highways, but some make more money than their upper-middle class white collar bretheren. I’ve met some people that are blue collar, yet live in a large house next to doctors and businessmen in a subdivision, retired at 50, and drive new cars. Many of them have a similar standard of living to the middle class and after years of work (depending on career), get above-median incomes, meaning that with two income-earners could have six-figure incomes. Unfortunately, that is only a small percentage. A lot of them loose their jobs, homes, and end up in poverty.

The working class are the muscle of america.
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working class
A trotskyist’s objectification of everyone who is not a socialist and needs leadership.
We must organize the working class.
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working classwork
People who work low paying demeaning jobs. They barely make any money and have a hard time making ends meet. They usually end up quitting their low paying job and going on welfare which is a class lower than that.
Sonny’s dad couldn’t pay to fix his roof because he’s working class.
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working class
The cheapest seats on aeroplanes, trains, boats etc.
(Tannoy): ” Could customers with first-class tickets please progress directly to the VIP lounge where you will be greeted with champagne and cocktails.”

“Those with working class tickets should turn right on boarding the aircraft, where they will be greeted by sour-faced lags and wedged into a chair with zero legroom, between a screaming three year old and a forty-stone one-eyed prostitute. Thank you”

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working classwork
poor people
working class people work low paying jobs and dont care