work placement

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work placement
Another charming aspect of being on New Deal. After a certain amount of time on one of their ridiculous

excuses for a training course, they decide to send out “students” on Wok Placement – ignoring the question of how, exactly, can you find paid work when you’re stuck in a fucking office all day and not being paid for a second of it.
Essentially, it proves slavery is alive and well in the First World, as well as helping corrupt capitalists make a shitload of money at your expense? How? Put it this way – would Tesco want to hire ten people to stack their shelves for a salary every year, or a steady stream of unpaid labour from delivered from CETS every month to do the same? You work it out.

“I’m afraid you have to go on Work Placement in a place totally unsuited to you just so we don’t have to help you find a job, which we’re set up for, and help companies get fatter and fatter profits each and every year – which they pay us for.”