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Big scary Klingon of Star Trek lore. Picture the ugly half of Beauty and the Beast.

I am Worf, son of Mogh. Raarrr!
Worf: define #2
Noun, proper.

Son of Mogh.

Worf could break Data.
Worf: define #3
Break down Data? Puh-leeze. Haven’t you seen the episode ‘Datalore’?
While I love Worf, he simply isn’t strong enough.
Worf: define #4

true origen: typo while conversing with your friend online
NateDecks: hey, that party that I played at on new years was awesome

phatphlava313: worf
Worf: define #5

Material or market value.
Is it worf it?
Worf: define #6
Onomatopoeia describing the sound of a slow explosion cause by the ignition of a large amount of inflammable substance such as petrol.
A driver, foolishly smoking while filling his car, dropped his fag end into a pool of spilled petrol. ‘Worf’, the entire filling station went sky-high.
Worf: define #7
Something offof star trek…but theres also one living on earth…:(
dumm deee dumm deee deee *turns around* AH GOD GET YOUR WORF ASS FOREHEAD OUT MY FACE