Best definition
Blind member of the Triad Gang, The Mountain Cloud Boys in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Has some of the best missions in the game.

“I’ve Come To See Woozie” – CJ
Woozie: define #2
Hacker, One that cheats at life as well as games, can be recognised by the tiny penis and gimpy walk.
Person 1, shit I just got shot in the head through 3 concrete walls and two doors whilst standing in a dense cloud of smoke with a glock.

Person 2, hahaha, Whoever did that is a Woozie.

Person 1, No wai, what a cock

Woozie: define #3
A great energy drink to get your day started, It tastes like a unicorn cooked on a spit, its a whole dinner in one can just The taste can blast you go an alternate universe.
Boring person: Ugh… I need greatness in my life

News man: then try a woozie today!!!!!!!