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Known as the ‘homely’ girl present amongst a group of ‘WOO’ girls who was originally recruited in an attempt to

make the other ‘WOO’ girls look more attractive. Rarely seen in the wild as they are mostly overlooked, this could be due to the vertically challenged nature of the creature which piles on make up to blend in with its surroundings. They are currently on the endangered species list and should be approached with caution as not to startle or attract the attention of the ‘WOO’ girls. This can be seen as beneficial as the woogoblin is known to buy YOU drinks as opposed to you having to buy the ‘WOO’ girls drinks. Be warned, the woogoblin may look innocent at first and an ‘easy catch’ but will quickly bewitch you and take you back to her lair where her mother will offer you KFC. After your fill of the colonel’s finest your vision will blur and you regain consciousness the morning after. Many men have reported having to chew their arms off (so as not to wake the woogoblin who’s make up has run) as upon waking have found to be wearing wedding rings and scrapbooks already made.

Woogoblin – “The girl that snatches the men when the WOO girls lure them in”

Guy #1: What about her she looks easy?

Guy #2: Dude thats a woogobin! Don’t you remember what happened to one arm Joe?

Guy #1: Yeah, poor one arm Joe can’t even help himself anymore.