Woogie Woogie

Best definition
Woogie Woogie
Referring to something using a sexual undertone or inuendo

Look at her…. Woogie Woogie. Oh really the old Woogie Woogie
Woogie Woogie: define #2
Woogie woogie
When a designated person is assigned to “woogie woogie” someone at a social event who acts like they are too good to be there. That person walks up to the other person, gets in their face and says “woogie woogie woogie” and walks away.
Joe just woogie woogie’d that girl on the couch.
Woogie Woogie: define #3
woogie woogie
A greeting to be used on the telephone in place of hello, probably similar to “mushi mushi” used by the japanese.
*phone rings*

“Woogie woogie…”