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a rare creature often found in the forests of the NorthEast. Rarely seen outside its natural habitat often causes the

term “a Woog siting” to be spoken.

Is that one over there? I believe it is…. THE WOOOOOOOG!!!
Woog: define #2
Derogatory term for a black person.
Who called me a woog?
Woog: define #3
A word said in surprise, to accentuate how surprised you really are.
Woog! That monkey fell out of the sky!
Woog: define #4
To have sexual intercourse with a female
Dbow : I met up with that girl last nite

Lc : Did you woogs it?

Dbow : Yeah we was woogsin all nite.
Woog: define #5
means the same thing as woot.

to be said when excited/surprise, or when the person is correct in stating that they love their boyfriend more.

language of woog=woogian.

hey, do you speak woogian?



Woog: define #6
A massage technique very similiar to cross fiber friction.
I pulled a muscle in my lower back yesterday. Would you mind wooging it a bit?
Woog: define #7
Gay or homosexual. To engage in homosexual acts.
Dude, stop being so woog. What are you doing? Tryna woog me?