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Generic british term originating in the 1970s, namely used when referring derogatorily to someone. Calling someone a woofta would suggest that they may be of homosexual preference.
He started hugging, kissing me and shouting like some sort of bloody woofta
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An abbreviation for the 1970’s British insult ‘wooly woofta’, meaning homosexual. It is cockney rhyming slang, so wooly woofta = poofta = homosexual.
That geezer is a right woofta.
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Woofta (adj). Word used to describe something that is otherwise indescribable. When one has no other word to use, this word comes in very handy.

This definition for the term ‘woofta’ is widely used in Minnesota.
“All of this work sure is keeping me busy these days. Woofta!”
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A British-born gay male who is camp, overbearing, and publicly embarassing.
OMG, you do realise he’s a Woofta right?
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Odd and inexplicable 70s British insult applicable to homosexuals. Derivitive (presumeably) of poofta.
“Parading around like a pack of bleeding wooftas” – Velvet Goldmine
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pay attention to me; greeting