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Woodward Dream Cruise
Annual event in Michigan that attracts fat and stupid former union employees whos entire goal in life is to have

a penis measuring contest by showing off their extremely inefficent “classic” cars.The amount of white trash (tatted up, wife beater/chain wallet wearin’ ass crack showin’) that attends said event is amazing, it actually rivals Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for sheer ignorance levels achieved…

This scene unfolds all day every day for an entire week of the Woodward Dream Cruise…

WT dude #1: Hey! that’s a ’67 mustang (wipes beer off of his porno stash).

WT dude #2 (can be substituted w/ a WT girl): Yup! (spits on the ground).

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woodward dream cruise
An event held in Michigan, in the middle of August every year. A time to showcase your classic car and drive it down woodward ave with well over 100,000 spectators. However, 98% of the cars are old skool from the 1950s-1970s, driven by old farts. Also, every other car is either a corvette C6 or older, or a Ford Mustang. Globalization however, is going to change the demogrpahics of the woodward dream cruise. Within the next 30 years, 98% of the cars will be imports as by then Honda, Nissan, and Toyota will be the big three.
Year 2006: “Daddy look at that old Corvette, with a 5 liter engine block cranking 400hp, that we just saw on the woodward dream cruise!

Year 2034: “Dude, check out that Nissan R39 Skyline, with over 800 HP with a stock block, twin turbos and only 8 PSI of boost”.