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SOCIAL STANDING; a way of life,defined by mannerisms and socioeconomic goals, anyone who lives north of Saginaw MI. for more

than 2 years.A person that has attempted to mount a snowplow to their old lady’s GrandAm. one who;goes to WalMart in sweat pants and flannel shirt to play nintendo(it’s free); has jb-welded their dental work in place;waits for their monthly check in lieu of getting a job.

Terryzz used to be a business man when he lived “downstate”, now he’s happy to be a WOODTICK. He’s gonna get a job tomorrow.
WOODTICK: define #2
wood tick
One who is very low on the social and economic scale. Often found in small northern Michigan towns. A regional equivalent to low life.
Her recent behaviour might lead you to believe that she was raised by a colony of wood ticks.
WOODTICK: define #3
Ugly, troll looking, mobile home owner.
That Woodtick just bought a carton of Cowboy killers.