Best definition
A place where a group of about 400 horny boys get together and pleasure each other in the woods of

orange Virginia. They are isolated from both civilization and the female gender for that matter. They would like to think that they are pretty sweet at sports but EHS has kicked their ass in soccer for the past 3 to 4 years. Although they have beaten EHS in football lately we must not forget that Woodberry has twice the boys. (EHS has twice the men). They were recently tooled at the football game when the EHS student section sat down all of their boys and proudly displayed the wide selection of females. The forest faggots proceeded to go back to their single sex school and masturbate. They do have one activity at their school that they use to pass the the time: Soggy Biscuit. They also have a nasty little habit of defiling the livestock that inhabits their peaceful campus and its said that on certain mornings the cries from the sheep can be heard.

Woodberry Guy: Hey we fucked up EHS again in football.

EHS Guy: True. But then we fucked our girls that night. soo….. whats your point?

Woodberry Freshman: Hey guys lets go fuck some animals tonight after our erotic bonfire!

Wooberry Senior: alright but you boys remember that the sheep are for the seniors!!!!!

Woodberry: define #2
a bunch of boys who fuck each other in the ass everyday. they suck at every sport except dick sucking. they are actually number one in the nation for that. these boys think they are the shit but the reality is that they suck at life
foxcroft girl 1: where are we ranked in the nation for dick sucking

foxcroft girl 2: we r number 2

Foxcroft girl 1: damn those woodberry boys keep beating us…back to the drawing board

Woodberry: define #3
The most challenging boarding school in the nation. In the Southeast, Woodberry has the highest endowment per student (roughly 1 million dollars per student). Many are jealous of Woodberry based on their rigorous admissions process. Those who hate WFS are typically people who go to a school that Woodberry annually crushes in sports (all) and in the social scene (EHS girls especially love the tigers). The epitome of what a school should be; the ultimate source of eduation. The boys that attend Woodberry all go on to be successfull in their fields and leaders in society. Anyone who disagrees is jealous. Woodberry is not cocky, because they are deservingly better than everyone else.
Man 1: Hey did you go to Woodberry?

Man 2: Why, yes I did.

Man 3: You’re hired!
Woodberry: define #4
The Famous school of cockly assholes, who like to pleasure each other in the woods of Orange, VA. They get ugly girls because who wants to date a homo guy who you never see? Seriously the bonfire…theyre definitely making up for something a little smaller in their pants. They are the horniest bunch of boys alive and they just screw each other for fun, oh and dont forget they also fuck sheep
WFS guy 1: Man that was amazing, don’t tell that girl, I might get dumped AGAIN!

WFS guy 2: (out of breath) We’ve gota do that more often man, I wish the St. Catherine’s Girls would pay attention to me.
Woodberry: define #5
All guys School in Orange, VA. All the guys here are cocky, horny molesters. They pine after every girl that passes by, esp. St. Catherine’s girls. They spend most of their nights masterbating. They don’t have girlfriends because who would want to date one of them? no matter how hot they are.
Girl 1: Did you have fun at the mixer?

Girl 2: Yea until some horny woodberry guy tried to molest me
Woodberry: define #6
-southern gentlemen (anyonne who thinks they are gay, are just degradeing wfs so they themselves don’t feel like complete assholes)

-southern gentlemen

-built like machines

-southern gentlemen


-southern gentlemen

-have tons of school spirit

-southern gentlemen
EHS girl- at the mixer i danced with a Woodberry guy, and he was SOOO sweet!

EHS guy- he’s probably gay

(what the EHS guys is realy thinking)-i wish i danced with a girl at the mixer
Woodberry: define #7
Me and all my all-male Woodberry classmates know what WFS really stands for, do you? It stands for Woodberry Fucks Sheep-which we do ALOT. In fact, I’m doing that right now and taking it up that butt from my guy roomate! Today was funny, we picked on the one straight kid at our school, he left though.
Woodberrguy1-Hey you know what WFS stands for?

Woodberryguy2-YEAH, lets go!

Woodberryguy1- Hold on, I forgot my strap on.