Wood Chucking

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Wood Chucking
Wood chucking has nothing to do with what most people consider wood. Wood chucking is the well-known practice, used by

average and bad sales representatives or lead generators, of submitting weak or outright false sales to management in a pathetic attempt to inflate their key metrics.Wood, in this context, is the fake sale. Chucking is the act of submitting a fake sale, and a woodchucker is a no-talent assclown who will be fired the first moment I catch his sorry ass chucking wood.

Carl? He’s just a wood chucking, mother fucker! He couldn’t sell a fucking emergency blanket to a naked invalid dieing of hypothermia, he’ll be fired in a week!
Wood Chucking: define #2
wood chucking
Using exessive teeth on the chotch or penis
“She started wood chucking my junk, so I was forced to stab the bitch/ho”