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wood burn
The condition of having one’s penis in a state of chaffing or sever burning from too much self-love without enough

lubrication, or a dry hand job, or any other action that would result in such a tragic effect.

“No man, I gotta give little Jimmy a rest downstairs. I have mad wood burn after messing around with that chick last night.”


wood burn: define #2
A terribly boring city in the state of Oregon. Never go there if you dont understand spanish.
Steve: Dude I have to go to Woodburn today.

Bob: That sucks ass.

wood burn: define #3
The burning sensation on the penis, caused from a bad handjob. Feeling is similar to that of razor burn.
I got the worst woodburn ever last night.
wood burn: define #4
A dry, fast, chafing handjob.
It was getting pretty hot and heavy, but she gave me a total woodburn. I might need ointment.
wood burn: define #5
When a girl give you a death grip of a hand job.
When I was done with my woodburn, i ran my dick under the cold shower for an hour.
wood burn: define #6
to be extremely ripped and have dry anal sex.

i have experienced this procedure to very painful and would not advise this at home and/or anywheres
prom date: where the FUCK are we??

myself: uuh i think were in a scummy hotel

prom date: did we? uuhh!!!

myself: ya! i think so. my dick burns like really

supermodel of the year: i think this video tape might solve your problems

prom date/myself:whaaaa??

supermodel of the year: didlee!

(pops in the vid)

myself: wow what a cheap room only a baggie of meth.. holy shit im ripped outta my mind

prom date: wanna have anal sex

myself: is that even a damn question

(thinks to self: “im so damn laced”)

(after movie)

prom date/myself: well shit i guess we did it

supermodel of the year: this is what we would like to call “woodburn”. just so you know. well ima dip set! peace out braheem