Best definition
A word used when overriding excitement causes a loss for words. When you don’t know what to say, let out

a woobah.Also when bored/awkward silence, woobah provides something to say.

After seeing something truly sick gnasty.

Friends: Yes! No way! Sick!

Me: Woobah!

Woobah: define #2
it is an acronym for “white on outside, black at heart”

it is typically used to describe a caucasian with black tendencies, hobbies, viewpoints, actions, etc.

did you see isaac’s jesus piece? he is such a woobah.
Woobah: define #3
my good buddie “charlie” and i where sitting in class and he said “john i gotta take a woobah” i asked what it meant …then he said ..it means taking a shit!
my dad took a giant woobah in the toliet and didn’t flush it down!