Best definition
A word used to express surprise, angst, disappointment, joy, excitement or scandal.It is very multi-faceted, and if said in the

right tone, can be used for any situation.
Pronounced: wuh-bag

Policeman: “sorry ma’am your cat has been runover”

You: “oh woobag!”


Girl: “omg i just slept with the hottest guy”

You: “woobag!”


Teacher: “Zac Effron will be visiting college tomorrow”

You: “WOOBAG!”

Woobag: define #2
a tricky seducing creature of southampton.

woobags are normally very tall.

they also like to eat cheese and ranch dressing, and they love to run around in circles alot. they’re normally always out woobaging at some party. or getting tanked while stumbling down the stairs. often dosent like to shake peoples hands, but likes to hold peoples hands. woobags are always woobaged on friday and tuesday nights.

woobag1: “dude did you see that woobag over there?!”

woobag2: “OMG no where”

woobag1: “HES RIGHT THERE. OH NO.”

woobag2: “shit he’s woobaging on me!!!!!!!”

woobag1: “oh no lets get out of here you silly woobag.