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Woo Wap Da Bam
This is a CHICAGO slang term. It is used as a filler in sentences. It can be used interchangeably with

“whatever” or “etc..”.

“Last night Michelle and I were drinking, watching tv, woo wap da bam, and all of a sudden her mom came home. Can you say AWKWARD?”
Woo Wap Da Bam: define #2
woo wap da bam
A phrase used in the ghettos of Chicago, primarily the Gresham-Chatham neighborhoods. It is used to describe loud noises such as bangs, booms, crashes and gun shots.
Police responding to shots fired call.

Officer: “Did you see what happened?”

Subject: “Um yea, so what had happened was, dude just started woo woo wooing, and I seen him pull out a gun and woo wap da bam, Jo’ was on the flo’.”